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What is Verm-X? 

Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that helps maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the animal’s gut and digestive system. Verm-X was initially launched for horses in 2002, formed out of  love for them. Verm-X's concern for the volume of chemicals in use in the day-to-day management of animals brought us to create our extensive range, in consultation with some of the most respected medical herbalists in the world. Verm-X now have successful Verm-X formulations for horses, cows, poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, game and caged birds, llamas and alpacas, wild birds, wild boar, red deer, antelope, oryx and reptiles. Verm-X undergoes rigorous research, development, manufacturing and packaging processes prior to being transported to you. Verm-X has always been able to pride itself on its ability to embrace the ethos of constant change and improvement.


  • Verm-X is ideal for those wishing to explore a natural and more sustainable routine.
  • The Verm-X smallholder range has gained approval for use in organic systems following assessment by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd.
  • All Verm-X products are manufactured under license by expert producers in the UK and Europe to the highest standards. The pelleted products are produced in one of the UK’s only low temperature pelleting facilities that prevents damage to the ingredients.
  • Verm-X products are made from unadulterated, non-GM, natural ingredients.
  • Verm-X provides the widest range of applications, from liquids to pellets, treats, nuggets and powder, making Verm-X easy to feed and highly palatable to the animals.
  • Verm-X products use packaging that keep the contents fresh, available in a variety of sizes to suit the widest range of animal owners.
  • When purchasing Verm-X, under current legislation you will not be asked for any personal details. Verm-X is a 100% herbal formulation and therefore classified as a complementary feeding stuff for animals. This also means that shops do not need SQP-trained staff on site to sell the product.
  • Gentler on the digestive system, Verm-X is ideal for senior animals and animals in competition as its natural formulation does not affect performance.
  • Verm-X is highly palatable.
  • Being highly cost-effective, Verm-X products are designed with both the animals and their owners in mind.
  • Fresh extracts and tinctures are processed on-site within hours of being harvested.