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E005 : Eqvalan Duo

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200mg  ivermectin and 1mg praziquantel per kg of bodyweight.  Each syringe will treat 600kg of bodyweight, and the   plunger is marked at 100kg intervals. A white  paste containing 1.55% w/w ivermectin and 7.75% w/w praziquantel Ph.Eur.

Stallions, Mares & Foals 

The safety has not been studied in stallions, pregnant and lactating mares, and foals under 5 months old.

Foals under two months are unlikely to contract tapeworm and treatment is not necessary until after this age

Withdrawal Period 

Horses cannot be slaughtered for human consumption within 30 days from the last treatment


Dogs, Cats, Fish and Aquatic life  can be adversely affected by this product.

If the horse has a heavy infection of neck threadworms then swelling and itching may be experienced after treatment

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